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      Sustainable Lighting Solutions

      We are an LED LIGHTING Manufacturer and Private Labelling company.

      Our specialist technical team creates LED lighting bulbs and fixtures that light up hotels, homes, shops, offices around the world.

      Some of the types of LED lighting products that we manufacture are: LED light bulbs, lighting units, home lighting, downlighting, outdoor lighting, spotlights, led fixtures, led lighting tubes, halogen replacements, CFL replacements, incandescent replacements.

      If the type of product that you are looking for is not on the list, please get in touch and we will see if we have your product in stock.

      For companies looking to purchase in volume for commercial usage, please register your details with our customer services department where they can keep you informed of special services and offers related to wholesale purchases of our products.

      For those that are also looking for OEM and private label our lighting products, please get in touch with your requirements. Join us in our mission to reduce energy cost and enhance lighting efficiency around the world.