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Who we are and what we do

Saving the World one Bulb at a time.

KVA LIGHTING is a family run business with a vision to save the world’s resources through reduced energy consumption.

What would the world be like with a reduced carbon footprint and less toxic waste produced from the lighting industry?

Our mission is to reduce energy waste and reduce the toxic output of the world. Our primary technology focus is LED technology which supports a marketing leading lumen output.

Let’s work together to rid the world of toxic light bulbs that if broken can release up to 20 times the maximum allowed concentration of mercury into the atmosphere as per the latest research conducted by the Fraunhofer Wilhelm Klauditz Institute for the German Federal Environment Agency.


Mercury poisoning can have an adverse affect on our health, leading to:

– Migraines

– Cluster Headaches

– Anxiety

– Fatigue

– Dizziness

– Seizure

– Inability to concentrate


By leveraging the latest technologies in LED innovation are able to produce a marketing leading lumen output in the industry, reduce energy spend and increase the light bulb lifetime to as much 25 times greater than the previous generation of energy saving light bulbs.

LED technology is non-toxic with no lead, no mercury compared to traditional CFL and Incandescent light bulbs.  Our LED bulbs lead the marketing in terms of quality of components used, performance and lifespan of our bulbs.


We are a family run business leveraging LED technology to reduce energy consumption, create a safer and environmentally friendly world to live in.

Each bulb you buy helps us support this vision that we can live in an enhanced and more eco-friendly world.







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