Incandescent to Lumen Conversion Guide

Incandescent to Lumen Conversion Guide
June 17, 2017 KVA LIGHTING
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Lightbulb Watt to Lumen Conversion Guide

One of the common questions for all consumers that are wishing to switch from incandescent, fluorescent, CFL energy saving lighting is how many lumens does you traditional incandescent bulb produce.


Traditional most households have thought about the light bulb in Wattage which is the amount of power consumed by your light bulb. However, the switch to energy saving lighting and now to the next generation LED lighting may have left some consumers confused with is wattage the right means to evaluate brightness of the lighting source.

The simple answer is that you can map traditional incandescent lighting to a measure call lumen which is the measure of light being produced by the light source.

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Incandescent lumen output chart

How Much Light Do I Need?
Incandescent BulbsWATTSMinimum Light OutputLUMENS


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