Our Green Mission Pledge

  1. Reduce waste energy waste on our planet
  2. Reduce our carbon footprint by developing and optimising our logistics processes
  3. Give back to those in need by donating of part of our profits to support green mission good causes. (Please suggest ideas as we are open to investing in other green missions)


At KVA LIGHTING our core mission is to help create a more sustainable world by creating lighting solutions that improve energy efficiency and are produced in an eco-friendly manner. As our small business grows we will aim to reduce the carbon footprints of distributing our products and create eco-friendly products and packaging.

By supporting our mission you enable us to develop solutions to reduce the energy consumption of the world. A portion of our profits will be donated to support charities that support underdeveloped nations and our technologies will be used to support communities in need.


Suggestions are always welcome on how we can improve your lighting experience and save our planet by reducing the energy consumption of the lighting industry.