What is a WiFi enabled smart light bulb?

What is a WiFi enabled smart light bulb?
June 18, 2017 KVA LIGHTING
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WiFi enabled smart light bulbs are lights that are enabled to connect to the internet via your internet router.

This enables you as the user to control and schedule light sequence changes either via a remote, mobile application or a systemised schedule to enhance the mood and also improve the security of your home.

In the case of the SMART ECO LIGHT, we have designed our WiFi enabled light bulbs to connect via our WiFi remote gateway which you can configure to then connect to your internet router.


Having factory test various combinations for the most stable smart  light connectivity to the internet we found that having a WiFi internet gateway installed is more reliable than having bulbs connect directly to your WiFi router.


Smart lighting allows you to then control a number of aspects and over time as our platform mature you will receive many platform upgrades as a post user experience that enhances the ambience of a room and integration to your lifestyle of choice.


Smart lighting can come in many flavours. So I will try and breakdown some of the key aspects that make each smart light bulb unique.



In another article, we will break down some of the other core features of smart lights such as are CRI, Life Hours, 16 Million Colour RGB. However, for the sake of demonstrating some of the strengths and versatility of a SMART ECO LIGHT compared to traditional lighting, we have chosen a simple example from being able to adjust the warmth of a light.

Traditional incandescent light bulbs come in various colour temperatures. For simplicity, you will usually see that most common brands use warm colours in the range of 2700K-3000K which produces a warm colour that is usually in line with creating a relaxing ambience in the room. This is often called “Warm White”. You will also see that in rooms, typically white coloured rooms, where you want to create a more alert sense lighting designers would typically recommend using a 4000K-5000K range light usually called “Cool White”. In offices and studies, you will also notice that they use a colour of light that has light hints of blue in the hue to produce a more natural feeling substitute for natural light. This is often around 6000-6500K and called “Day Light” and often this is used in areas like offices and reading spaces to reduce eye strain and provide a more natural light feel.


So how can smart lighting differ for supporting the perfect room ambience?

Well for the first time you can switch up the ambience of a room at the flick of a switch. You can change from an alert white in the morning to a warm amber glow in the evening perfectly setting the mood for any room for every occasion.

With your WiFi enabled light bulbs across multiple rooms you can setup morning and evening schedules and adjust the brightness, colour temperature of each and every individual light in your house. Allowing you to set up the perfect atmosphere in every room.


I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any requests about this post or any future requests for another topic then please leave a comment below. Also, connect with us via our chat bot for an interactive discussion lighting.